The Top 1% Of Real Estate Investors No Longer Expect Results After Sending Just One Offer. Discover How And Why It Takes 7 To 13+ Touches To Deliver A Qualified Seller, So That You Can Consistently Close 5-20+ Deals Every Single Month!

Talk to our full-service marketing firm that will help you grow and get more deals in the first 30-90 days on auto-pilot without increasing your marketing budget.

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How Can You Reach More Buyers and Sellers, And Know Your Marketing Investment is Highly Performing? Every Time. Guaranteed!

Let’s face it. Most real estate investors do their marketing the old-fashioned way – send letters and wait for a call that often doesn’t come. The myth that direct mail no longer works is false. It does work when you know how to supercharge it.

Using the same method as all the other real estate investors is like having a blunt knife. Functional, but not exceptional. Become exceptional by doing what works by having the ‘swiss army knife of tricks’ to increase your results. And have it all done for you!

And unwrap 3 FREE bonuses worth almost $1,300, including an ebook, strategy session, market research, and 1,000 new prospects for your REI business.

5 Must-Know Warning Signs That Cause Similar Real Estate Investors To Fail While Trying To Grow

Sadly, many real estate investors will never reach their desired marketing results, and they’ll keep wasting money and time . It’s not their fault, real estate investing 101 courses don’t teach you how to do data, direct and digital marketing the right way. Real estate investors work with us for these five main reasons:

Limited resources – Any business is about consistent deal flow and pipeline. Spend your time and money on the things that count.

Ever-changing trends and technology – You’re not a tech or data company because you’re in a real estate business, so spending time trying to get the technology and data right is frustrating! You can’t see your pipeline results, so it feels like you’re always guessing or wasting time.

An increasing need for online visibility – Now, more than ever, it’s important to stand out from your competition if you have a real estate business plan. Ensuring your online presence is bold and converts leads means you build instant credibility. Even though your direct mail might be great, 96% of consumers will check you out online before they talk with you.

Focusing efforts on the right social media – Getting in front of the right real estate customers, at the right time and getting noticed will lead to more inquiries and conversions. Have a social media strategy that works for you, all the time, while you sleep.

Lacking creative skills – Your superpower is in closing and negotiating real estate deals with sellers and buyers. Outsourcing the creative aspects of marketing allows you to do what you do best, and our team to make you look like the expert you are.



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Get Your ‘No More Excuses Business Growth Package’ And Get More Deals!

Imagine having total visibility of how all your Buyers and Sellers interact with you, down to details about demographics, persona, what they looked at on your site, and if they called. What would that give you?

Insights, reporting, data analysis, dashboards, heatmaps… we will provide you with all the tools to show you what is working and why. Information is powerful and valuable – it’s the swiss army knife of marketing!

You have an opportunity to use a totally done-for-you ‘no more excuses business growth package’ that gets you results that can’t be easily taught in free real estate investor training.

We have a team that does all the ‘hard stuff’ for you like dealing with data, creating online and offline marketing funnels, seamlessly tracking your results, and using the most up to the minute technology. All-In-One-Place. So, you can focus on the fun stuff and stuff that makes you real money.

And unwrap 3 FREE bonuses worth almost $1,300, including an ebook, strategy session, market research, and 1,000 new prospects for your REI business.

How Our 5D’s System Will Skyrocket Your Real Estate Business Without More Effort Or Budget?

We know lots of real estate investors outsource parts of their marketing, and we know that for some, it’s a frustration when it doesn’t get the desired conversion. Our 5D’s system is everything you need to get the results you want:



All targeted data is specific to your ideal buyers and sellers. Our rigorous extract transform load (ETL) data program involves more than 20 steps to validate, standardize and enhance data, resulting in improved data quality and mail delivery



Get full-color, branded high-quality offers and letters that do not look like a bill or a fine! Track each mail piece to delivery. Report, analyze, and contact customers who have received your direct mail.



We will find out where your ideal buyers and sellers gather socially online, meet them there, and create branded high-quality retargeted ads to ensure your buyers and sellers see you online.



Never miss a marketing opportunity or mailing again. Create a consistent pipeline of Buyers and Sellers, easily nurture them, and build your brand without lifting a finger. All advanced data, direct mail and digital systems, done for you!



Get instant feedback and analytics on how your marketing is performing, and pivot quickly to stay relevant to your buyers and sellers. Report and analyze your results. Download your leads and nurture and convert them.

If Any Of These Growth-Killing Problems Are Similar To You, Supercharged Offers Will Solve It Fast!

Supercharged Offers has set up business to business credit where you can have your campaign paid for and the first 2 months interest free. Many Real Estate Investors have taken this option to take the pressure off.

As our ‘no more excuses growth packages’ for real estate investors run for three months and can be financed from a low 1%. You can plan all of your sales and marketing activity well in advance, have it paid for upfront, and by the time your results start to come in, you’ll be in a cash flow cycle that will be more regular and predictable.

By planning your marketing for a 3-month cycle, you can ensure you never miss a mailing and online retargeting. This ensures your conversion will be consistent and predictable.

We handle all of this for you. Data is all about attention to detail and quality. You tell us who you want to go after (your ideal buyer or seller), and we ensure the right targeted data is utilized to find them and quality checked. No need for cheap VA’s!

All Real Estate Investors will have a personalized campaign dashboard to see ALL your sales and marketing investment results on a daily basis that tracks calls, mail, social interactions and all touch points. We show you precisely, WHO is interacting with your marketing and HOW.

Marketing conversion works better when you have a higher number of touch points with your sellers and buyers. Your competition may only send out direct mail and be seen once. Your campaign will ensure you are seen multiple times in beautifully designed online presence that stands out.

You don’t need time. You can do what you’re good at. We do it all for you. You’ll need to spend 1-2 hours with us to build your campaign, then we do the rest. On average, our customers save 15 hours a week by using our services.

Here is the myth: Google and Facebook ads can be cost effective, if you know what you’re doing. All Google and Facebook retargeting ads are included in your campaign and are directed to your ideal seller or buyer.

No. We have a team of experts who will craft and design engaging sales copy and a compelling user experience for your buyers and sellers that engages and converts. You just need to focus on closing your deals and your business will grow!

We built this for you too. You don’t even need to know how to construct high-value content offers or persuasive email sequencing that builds trust and nurtures your sellers and buyers.

Whoever visits your site, even if they take no action whatsoever, our system allows you to identify who they are and reach out. You can send them an invite to connect, or perhaps send them an offer or give them a call and build your list easily.

The Truth About Real Estate Investors Doing It All Alone

There’s one thing you’ll never get back. You can always make more money, but your time is something that’ll never come back. And you can only do so much every single day.

Will you focus on low-income tasks that you can easily automate? Or instead, concentrate on high-income jobs like closing real estate sales that bring real money and freedom, and is the reason you got into real estate investment business in the first place?

Build an automated engine that does your main acquisition activities for you, while always being Buyer and Seller centric. Take the reliance off of people and resources. Give yourself back the gift of time so you can increase more passion and purpose in your real estate business.

What Makes Supercharged Offers So Powerful For Real Estate Investors?

Firstly, we’re also real estate investors. We built this system for our own business and then realized how valuable it could be for you, too. We’re giving you all the tools so you can save valuable time and make more money as a real estate investor without lifting a finger.

The Top 5 Reasons Why This Supercharge Marketing Works

Humans behave in predictable ways when it comes to how they buy, sell, and do business on and off line. Our Supercharged Offers works WITH human behavior and not against it. Here are 5 proven facts and if you take advantage of them, your growth will be unstoppable:

Think about these proven facts:

And unwrap 3 FREE bonuses worth almost $1,300, including an ebook, strategy session, market research, and 1,000 new prospects for your REI business.

We Reward Real Estate Investors Who Take Action!

There are many reasons why our repeat real estate investor customers are super happy, it’s because Supercharged Offers takes away the hard work, reduces growth friction points and brings results, Buyers and Sellers, and business growth. However, all wonderful relationships start with give and take, that’s why we want to start our new relationship strong and offer you:

eBook - Why Supercharging Print With Digital Is Crucial For You In 2021! (COVID-19 edition) - Worth $97

In this eBook, you’ll discover why direct mail is still the secret sauce for Buyer and Sellers acquisitions.

It’s an eye-opening eBook you should read today because it’ll give you the real insights you need to be aware of if you want to really grow your real estate investments.

Zoom Strategy Session & Market Research – Worth $997

Are you doing marketing without the right guidance? Bad idea! The right guidance in real estate marketing is as important as real estate investing training. We’ll reveal the bulletproof strategies we’ve used to increase conversions for ourselves, and all our real estate investors.

We’ll also talk about positioning your real estate business and your offers to buyers and sellers to stand apart from other real estate investors. Discover profit-maximizing and problem-solving tools you need, and create your ideal messaging to truly get seen and heard.

1,000 New Prospects For Your Pipeline – Worth $200

You will receive 1,000 targeted prospects completely free, so we can jump-start your growth without going from the ground up. One of our most valuable bonuses because you will not get some random prospects, but only targeted ones you can convert!

Real Estate Investor Campaign Results Speak For Themselves!

Pain Points Solved. More Buyers and Sellers.


It wasn't always easy, but we used
the system to help us grow.

Jantzen & Steve – The Plot Quad

I have already 5x my
Return On Investment!

Brent Bowers – The Land Shark & Zech Buys Land

Fast-tracked my land business start-up.

Colin – CGM Land

Help me create a entire system to launch my self storage business.

Colin – Valor Self Storage
My very first campaign was amazing, for every $1 I spent I got $7.50 back which was an amazing return on my investment. I’m now a long time repeat Customer of Supercharged Offers. Thanks Matt and Alicia.
Bill - Chicago
4 x Repeat Customer
Matt, Alicia and the team at Supercharged Offers have helped us get 25 Deals under contract with ease. Their Acquisition-As-A-Service allows us to focus on Negotiating and Closing Deals with Sellers and grow our business. Thanks guys!
Rich and Kandi - Colorado
2 x Repeat Customer
My very first campaign was amazing, for every $1 I spent I got $7.50 back which was an amazing return on my investment. I’m now a long time repeat Customer of Supercharged Offers. Thanks Matt and Alicia.

Bill – Chicago

“My team could easily get overwhelmed getting offers out every week, we would often miss doing weekly mailings. Supercharged Offers has allowed me to send 2,500 offers a week and consistently fill my deal pipeline. My team now focuses on Closing Deals with Sellers and Buyers. I’m a big fan of SCO!”

Chimene, Texas

Matt, Alicia and the team at Supercharged Offers have helped us get 25 Deals under contract with ease. Their Acquisition-As-A-Service allows us to focus on Negotiating and Closing Deals with Sellers and grow our business. Thanks guys!

Rich and Kandi – Colorado

Is This Incredible All-In-One Supercharged Offers For You?

At Supercharged Offers we believe real estate investors benefit more by focusing on building and maintaining Buyer and Seller relationships.

We’ll implement all the time-saving methods for you, ensuring the end-to-end acquisition processes are done with ease.

Our Data, Direct Mail, and Digital system manages and maintains your acquisitions and provides a consistent deal flow, so you can focus on business growth.

We are ONLY for serious real estate investors who want to take their business from current results to being way ahead of their competition.

The outcomes you will get from Supercharged Offers can come with a new set of problems – all good ones, we promise!

These high volume marketing offers that can yield results also means you may need to supercharge your team to handle the volume increase. We think that’s a pretty good problem to have. Your real estate business will finally bring you more happiness as well.